Pediatric Tools

Pediatric Tools

Pediatric Tools
supporting better health and
development for every child


pediatric Tools
Community Health
• Early learning centers, Head Start, resource centers
• Connect disparate groups – caregivers, providers, services and resources
• Profile connection for care coordination
• Distribute work but centrally manage aggregate data

pediatric Tools
Public Health
• Home visitation, WIC clinics, Early Intervention, Child Find
• Promote and improve health and well-being for all
• Requires 100% reach
• Provide what is not handled privately

pediatric  Tools
Medical Clinics
• Primary access through well visits and vaccinations
• Requires depth and breadth beyond medical issues
• Provide navigation and education including behavior health, family and environment
• Integrate support and access to a community network

pediatric Tools
• Primary caregiver potentially needing support
• Establish priorities for well-visits
• Raise developmental concerns
• Raise behavioral concerns

pediatric Tools
• Developmental delays and autism
• Behavioral issues, ACE and toxic stress
• Manage environmental issues and social determinants of health
• Build resilience and optimum trajectory

Use a Screening Interview
Tablet Online
A systemic solution is needed
• Early Detection
• 100% Reach
• Profile connection for care coordination
• Data management connection for performance and program support
Tablet Online
What should be measured and monitored
• Development issues
• Behavioral issues
• Family support issues
• Environment and SDoH issues
Tablet Online
What follow up actions should be supported
Provider facing results are not adequate. Technology enables recruitment of the parents into linked resources and services, in-depth reports for the parent and linkages, care coordination and data sharing within the community health network.

Give the Comprehensive Pediatric Screening Interview (CPSI) a try!
Try the CPSI
See how easy it is to combine the ASQ-3, ASQ:SE-2, SWYC, EPDS, M-CHAT-R, ESQ, ACE, and SDoH into a single comprehensive interview.

Select How to Implement Pediatric Tools
In office and remote electronic screening and assessment, start simplified and upgrade as needed

Cloud-based, get started now

Download Pediatric Tools apps to meet your needs

EMR Integrated
Automatically initiate and get lab results

Community Network Integrated
Connect across practices and agencies

Learn How to Build a Community Health Network

Pediatric Tools
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