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Medical clinics are self-sustaining screening sites that have the broadest access to children with well-child visits being driven by vaccination requirements. As the focus of medical practice has expanded from traditional acute care to the broader focus of health and development, the breadth and depth of information, linkages and services required have expanded as well. Simple screening is no longer adequate and a comprehensive screening interview is needed. Automation and seamless integration into the EMR is required to be effective and cost-effective. Pediatric Tools meets these needs while enabling seamless connection into a community health network for additional services and linkage to resources.

The Work Flow
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Initiate a Screening Interview

On-demand or automatically, schedule a screening interview with measures tailored to each child’s needs. A parent can complete the interview remotely via an email or text link using their personal device (smartphone, tablet or PC) or the interview can be completed in the office using a local tablet or kiosk. Remote administrations are automatically initiated along with reminders as needed.

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Parents Do The Data Entry

Question-by-question administration enables easy formating for mobile devices, performing calculations and next question selection, dynamically administering the interview measures in the minimum number of questions.

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Results Automatically Routed Where Needed

Interview results are automatically routed or manually imported into the EMR, data warehouse, or HIE with error-free scoring, analysis, and outcome trending. Access results as a PDF report, summary note, or discrete data fields in real-time minimizing staff involvement and maintaining patient flow.

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Community Network Sharing

Using profiles and connections to share results, flags, and referrals, responsible parties can coordinate care, making sure the client’s needs are met. Sharing aggregate data (screening rates, flags, and referrals) with the community network provides the data you need to manage programs and market your performance.

Add Remote Screening To Your Work Flow
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Secure Links In Email and Text Messages Are More Effective

Using a secure link that parents can simply click to access a screening interview, gets over the hurdle of logging into a patient portal or responding to a screening that is mailed. Reminder emails or texts as needed, automatically sent before the due date, further improves the response rate.

Easier for parents and less work for staff

Spending time in the waiting area to respond to a screening interview can be a burden on parents keeping their child entertained at the same time. Additionally when integrated with the EMR, remote screenings are automatically initiated and the results are automatically returned to the EMR requiring no staff involvement. Remote screening is easier on everyone involved.

Combine Screenings Into a Screening Interview

Breadth and depth required clinically

Pediatric Tools enables you to combine de facto standard screenings like ASQ-3, ASQ:SE-2, SWYC, EPDS, M-CHAT-R, ESQ, ACE and SDoH into a single integrated screening interview to get the breadth and depth of information required. This supports parents and providers with a greater range of information and follow up actions.

Education, Linkage and Data Sharing

Manage flags and add actions like parent pre-visit reports, in-depth parent take away reports and additional questions and recruitment into linked resources and services when triggered during the screening interview. Automating much of the follow up work enables more focused support of parental needs.

Seamless EMR Integration

Initiate screenings automatically

Using visit type, date-of-birth and clinic location, a screening interview tailored to each child can be automatically initiated when the visit is scheduled. Remote screenings send initial notifications and reminders on a schedule relative to the visit date until the screening is completed or the visit occurs.

Get the results as lab data

Results, whether the screening was administered remotely or in the office, are automatically routed into the EMR and organized into a summary note, specific data field and/or a full PDF report with trending information. Data can be automatically loaded into a local data warehouse or sent into a Health Information Exchange as needed.

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Clinical Decision Support
Flag Management
While some EMR’s support flag management, many do not. A comprehensive pediatric screening interview generates over 40 potential flags where the severity dictates the level-of-care that should be provided. Similar to a referral, tracking and closing flags with a disposition, provides valuable information about performance and quality-of-care. In a Community Health Network, along with screening interview results, flags can be shared and managed in conjunction with other screening and services sites, extending the reach of the medical clinic.
Referral Support
In the screening interview, triggering more in-depth questioning can be used to gather information and educate parent about referred services and resources. This can be used to support warm handoffs to on-staff navigators and behavioral health therapist, traditional referrals to therapists and services, or referral to community services and resources. Where available API connections can be used to automate the process.

Screening as a Profit Center

Automation reduces cost and labor

Screening remotely using the parents personal device (smartphone, tablet or PC), parents are performing data entry without using practice resources. Additionally computer assessment takes all the labor out of hand calculations and management of paper results.

Positive Return-On-Investment

Along with better access to children, medical clinics are ideal self-sustaining screening sites in that providers need the information anyway and in most cases they can get reimbursement or value-based payment. This can turn screening into a profit center for the medical clinic. Try our estimator to see how it might work for you.

Give the Comprehensive Pediatric Screening Interview (CPSI) a try!
Try the CPSI
See how easy it is to combine the ASQ-3, ASQ:SE-2, SWYC, EPDS, M-CHAT-R, ESQ, ACE, and SDoH into a single comprehensive interview.

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