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You can now start using Pediatric Tools
There are two ways to make Pediatric Tools available to your clients.

1. Put the Pediatric Tools button on your web page. This lets you engage with prospective clients from their very first online contact—perfect for growing your practice. The button looks like this on your webpage:

2. Send your clients a Pediatric Tools link by email or text.

When a client completes the test, they’ll receive the Client Report with your practice name and contact information, and you’ll get the full Clinician report. We’ll notify you by email whenever there’s a new report for you.


Your privacy and security come first. We do not track you or your clients online and we do not sell or share your information. Pediatric Tools is HIPAA compliant and your privacy is protected.

How to Put the Pediatric Tools Button on Your Web Page

Copy the code below and insert it on your web page where you want the Pediatric Tools button to appear.

<p><a href=”“><img src=”” style=”width:350px;”></a></p>
If your page is in HTML:
Copy the above code and insert it where you want the button to appear.

If you are using WordPress visual editor:
Make sure you are editing in HTML. In WordPress, you can create a new block and choose “custom HTML” as the block type, then paste the code into the new block. Alternatively, you can convert an existing text block to HTML before pasting the code.

If someone else manages your website:
Share these instructions to your web designer or administrator.

Need help? Send a message from the Contact Us page or call us during business hours (Mountain Time) at 877-978-2505. If you need help editing your website, be sure you have your website login information.

How to Send Client a Link by Email or Text

Just copy and paste the link below into an email or text message.

For example, you could send a client an email or text message that says:

“Here’s a link to the mental health test I told you about. Just click the link to start the test. You’ll get an assessment report, and we can discuss your test results together.”

That’s everything you need to start using Pediatric Tools. Get started today!
Questions? Comments? Need help? Contact Us or call us at 877-978-2505.

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