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Pediatric Tools advocates for a systemic solution where simply screening in your own practice or agency is the core of the solution. Using a comprehensive screening interview will make your efforts more effective but connection into a Community Health Network is not required. When it makes sense to share information outside your practice or agency the capability to connect is already there.

You can configure your implementation to use a specific screening. However one screening does not fully meet the recommended guidelines and is less effective than dynamically combining screenings into a screening interview. To reach the breadth and depth of information required, as well as better support effective resulting actions, a screening interview is needed. Pediatric Tools is developing an evidence-based AI screening interview using the current set of standard screenings that will take the screening interview to a whole new level.

Pediatric Tools is an integrator automating process and not a tool developer per se. However as part of the Pediatrics Supporting Parents grant managed by Help Me Grow National, the interactive screening selection chart under How It Works was developed. If you try different combinations, what you see is that SWYC has greater breadth while the ASQ-3 has greater depth, covering key developmental issues that the SWYC does not. Using dynamic administration capabilities provided by Pediatric Tools you can use ASQ-3 or SWYC, or a combination of both. The ASQ-3 has a license fee of $0.50 per administration but most consider it worth the cost to include in your screening interview.

Visit our Estimate your Costs, Savings, and Return-On-Investment (ROI) section under How It Works to see how well switching will work for you. There is a lot to it but the key concept in moving from paper-based screening to electronic screening is that you can automate your processes and reduce labor and staff involvement. Electronic screening is less expensive and far more effective enabling remote screening via SMS text and email.


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